We enjoy partnering with faculty on a variety of projects and appreciate the time they devote to integrating technology into their instruction so as to engage students in the learning process. The following are just a few project highlights. View our complete showcase.

Geri Mason

Engaging Students in Learning with Poll Everywhere – Geri Mason, Business & Economics

Professor Geri Mason taught back-to-back courses in different buildings during Spring 2011 and wanted to make sure her second class started productively as she scurried from one location to the other. Her solution, begin each class with an open-ended question projected to the class and a phone number for texting answers.  Within the first five minutes of class, Professor Mason had feedback from all fifty students and students could see other students’ answers scrolling down the screen. [learn more]


John Bond

Integrating Technology to Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Teaching and Learning – John Bond, Education

Associate Professor of Education John Bond teaches the same class at four different locations. As a result, he desired to incorporate multiple technology solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of his teaching. He intended this use of technology to complement face-to-face instruction, rather than shifting entirely over to online instruction. ETM Director David Wicks came alongside Bond to assist him in pursuing this goal through the use of four different technologies: Camtasia Relay for recording scripted presentations and classroom sessions; video recording of guest speakers and his own teaching; Blackboard Discussion Boards for asynchronous conversations, and Adobe Connect video conferencing for real-time seminars with students at multiple sites. [learn more]


Myrna CappWebsite for Work of Music Professor – Myrna Capp, Music

With this website design project, Myrna Capp desired to share her African musical experiences with others, make colleagues and friends aware of her diverse musical activities (teaching, performance, and research), inform students about her past work, create a model for students to follow as they build their own websites, and share with local and state music teacher associations about her availability for workshops and presentations. Dominic Williamson, ETM Senior Graphic Designer, worked with Capp to design a site that best suited her content and audience. [learn more]


Derek WoodPodcasting Course Lectures on SPU iTunes U – Derek Wood, Biology

Professor Derek Wood worked with ETM staff to podcast on-campus lectures with the goal of providing students with the opportunity to review the content. Prof. Wood used an iPod fitted with an iTalk recorder (Belkin) and a mic to record the lectures and used Audacity to edit and reformat the audio files. After transferring the edited content to an FTP site, ETM staff then posted that content to iTunes U. [learn more]


Carol Redfield“The Good News About Fall Prevention” Video – Carol Redfield, Health Sciences

SPU nursing students, with faculty support and the guidance of ETM Audio/Video specialist and Production Supervisor David Rither, produced an 8 minute video on fall prevention. The video was designed to be used for both public and professional education and was based on the four fall prevention measures in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) brochure “What You Can Do to Prevent Falls.” [learn more]


Kimberly SegallStudents Blog about Studies and Travels in South Africa – Kimberly Segall, English

Professor Kimberly Segall worked with ETM Director David Wicks to create a blog for students to share about their service and studies abroad in South Africa with the SPU community, family, and friends. Another goal of the blog was to foster understanding about the South African literature students discussed in class. Additionally, the blog forum was a medium to exhibit students’ creative writing projects. [learn more]


Sandra HartjeCreation of Poster for Display at International Symposium – Sandra Hartje, Family & Consumer Science

The goals for this project were to communicate the ideas which had been accepted in a written abstract format on a large poster for display at an international symposium and to develop a script and recording to accompany the poster. [learn more]



Ben McFarlandAnimated Biochemical Sequence – Ben McFarland, Biochemistry

The goal for this project was to add a dynamic dimension that would help students understand the biochemical sequence of events underlying what makes neurons work. Professor Ben McFarland provided a static figure and a description of a complex sequence of about five events, and Dominic Williamson, ETM Senior Graphic Designer, created a Flash animation with artistic renderings of each step. [learn more]


Art EllisUtilizing Web 2.0 Technologies in Online Course Instruction – Art Ellis, Education

Arthur Ellis incorporates the use of wikis, blogs and podcasts into his graduate online course “Foundations of American Education” in order to actively engage students in the pursuit of insight and application of the great ideas that have shaped education over the centuries. [learn more]



Richard ScheuermanRome’s Pantheon Illustration – Richard Scheuerman, Education

SPU Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Scheuerman worked with ETM Senior Graphic Designer Dominic Williamson to develop an image to enhance a presentation Richard gives each year to Master’s of Arts in Teaching teacher candidates on moral education. [learn more]



Ruth Ediger

GeoQuizzes: Interactive Maps for Assessing Student Knowledge – Ruth Ediger, Political Science

The GeoQuiz project is a Flash based interactive set of political and physiographic map quizzes designed to aid in student learning of the countries and capitals of the world as well as prominent physiographic features. [learn more]

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