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Workshops and Professional Development

Spring Quarter Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development, workshops and other teaching and learning events are offered every quarter through Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development (often in conjunction with the Department of Educational Technology and Media).   You may register for one or multiple events through our Survey Monkey registration portal.

If you are interested in exploring a topic on teaching and learning not listed here, please contact ETM.

 Academic Innovation Incubator

April 18 – 9am to 12pm: Cremona 102

teacingThe Academic Innovation Task Force will host a morning workshop designed around developing proposals for teaching and learning initiatives which value the essentials of an education at SPU but also fold in elements of effectiveness and efficiency. The Task Force has developed a RFP regarding this project, which will be available after April 2, defining how SPU views innovation, effectiveness and efficiency while also providing ideas for innovation and a road map for a successful proposal.

The workshop will be an active learning space for people to share ideas, develop ideas, and gain feedback and insight on how to cultivate an idea into a successful proposal.  We will be promoting teamwork and collaboration using traditional and web-based techniques and pedagogies.  It will be an exciting time and the start of a promising venture at SPU. The program is open to full-time and part-time SPU faculty, as well as full-time SPU staff.

Registration is open now.

Here is the workshop description.  We look forward to seeing you on April 18!

Interested in submitting a proposal for academic innovation but not sure how it should look, what needs to be part of it?  Have an idea that is a little hazy but you would like to hash it out among peers?  Are you interested in innovation in teaching and learning but do not yet have an idea?  Come to this hands-on incubation workshop on April 18 to think about creative integrative thinking and more fully develop your ideas on how to innovate your classroom, the curriculum, or deploy new projects. Open to full-time staff and full-time or part-time faulty. Participants will receive a $100 honorarium.

Online Teaching Working Group

Meeting Weekly via Asynchronous Online Portals

Working Group Work Day – Saturday, May 2 (Cremona 102) – 9am to 3pm

ETM is offering an Online Teaching Working Group during the Spring 2015 quarter for instructors slated to teach an online course in the Summer quarter (or considering an online course for Fall 2015). In an effort to model the experience for best effect and efficacy, the online element of the working group will mirror the experience of an online student by taking place entirely online. There will be 10 weekly modules, each focused on a facet of online learning (the importance of an online orientation, course organization, developing an effective module/lesson/course objective, the importance of teacher presence, opportunities for group work, and opportunities for communication).

The work day is an extension of the Work Group, providing time and physical space for faculty to work with ETM staff to create and / or consolidate Blackboard course shells, course materials, course organization, assessment mechanisms, online learning building blocks, and so forth. Open to full-time faculty and full-time staff (who teach as part of an overage) slated to teach an online course during the Summer 2015 quarter or considering a course for Fall 2015. Participants in the working group will receive a $250 honorarium.

Registration is open now.