Media & Services

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Consultations for Instructors

ETM staff work with faculty members and teaching assistances to enhance student learning. We can discuss questions about teaching and learning and the appropriate use of technology in the classroom.  Please contact us to learn more.





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Instructional graphic design services


Audio Visual, Production and Graphic design

ETM staff work will consult with you to enhance student learning by providing design, photography and media services. We have experience with photo and video editing, media conversion, illustrations, recording interviews, lectures, podcasts and more. Please contact us to learn more.




Faculty working in ETM

Faculty group work

Learning Communities

ETM facilitates a number of learning communities each year. Past groups have been centered on iPads in the classroom, online learning, group work and “untethered”, or podium-free teaching. Groups usually meet over the course of 9 months, beginning in the fall. Contact us for more information.





Faculty working in ETM

Training in ETM

Online Learning

Our staff can work with you to enhance your face-to-face, blended and online courses with appropriate technology and research based pedagogy. We have experience in course design and developing graphics and rich media to convey information to online learners. ETM has a studio space to record high quality lectures and podcasts. Contact us for more information.