Teaching Online Soon? Join our Working Group

By: | Posted: March 20, 2015

etm-site_20ETM is offering a quarter-long working group this Spring quarter for faculty slated to teach online courses as early as 2015 Summer sessions. Our new ETM Director Rolin Moe, EdD, and the ETM team will be leading this working group through the process of developing and creating a successful online course. In an effort to model the experience for best effect and efficacy, the online element of the working group will mirror the experience of an online student by taking place entirely online.   There will be 10 weekly modules, each focused on a facet of online learning (the importance of an online orientation, course organization, developing an effective module/lesson/course objective, the importance of teacher presence, opportunities for group work, and opportunities for communication).

These modules will exist in an asynchronous space, so group members can access and engage on their own schedule (with the expectation that faculty will complete each module by Saturday evening of that week). Rolin will also hold virtual as well as in-person office hours to troubleshoot, answer questions and explore parallel or tangential topics.

There will also be a hands on workshop towards the end of the quarter on Saturday May 2 (9 – 3 in CREM 102), providing time and physical space for faculty to work with ETM staff to create and / or consolidate Blackboard course shells, course materials, course organization, assessment mechanisms, online learning building blocks, and so forth.

By the end of the working group, members will:

  • be able to explain the differences between a course designed for traditional (or web-enhanced) teaching and a course designed for full online immersion to their colleagues
  • Have constructed the architecture for their Summer 2015 course, including but not limited to
  1. the course Blackboard shell
  2. an online-specific course syllabus
  3. course modules, units or lessons
  4. assignments, projects & assessments that utilize the online space as an asset rather than a liability
  • Be able to engage students through online channels so that the course comes to life as an environment for learning rather than an isolated training program.
  • Feel comfortable sharing their experiences, struggles and successes with the working group during the Summer 2015 term…and beyond.

The asynchronous architecture of the working group will allow members to continue to utilize the group and each other for resource, support and scaffolding during the Summer 2015 quarter, including Rolin’s online and offline office hours.

Faculty who participate in all sessions and the May 2nd work shop will receive a $250 honorarium for participation in this working group.

Registration for the working group and May 2nd  .

For more information, please visit the ETM website.


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