Faculty Development

The resources here help with building your faculty tenure file, provide guidelines and resources for your courses and personal development, and give information about the Faculty Mentor Program and New Faculty Seminar. 

i-4VcmM9N-SBuilding your Faculty File

  • Slides from status commitee on how to build your faculty file
  • Guidelines for creating a pdf document





i-mQgvSZX-LProfessional Guidelines and Resources

  • Pre-tenure professional development guidelines.
  • Course evaluation dates.
  • Guidelines on how to interpret your student course evaluations.
  • Guidlines for peer evaluations.
  • Resources for writing your faith statement More»



i-4K6BNH6-LFaculty Mentor Program

  • Mentor program structure
  • Monthly topics for discussion
  • Mentor resources




20634323723_5b8ef91ba4_zNew Faculty Seminar 

  • Syllabus
  • Course reading
  • Resources





i-P4b2Mp2-XLExcellence in Teaching 

  • Information
  • Application Process