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The Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development at Seattle Pacific University provides resources and opportunities to strengthen faculty professional development and scholarship, student vocational exploration and scholarship, and community, all grounded in a deep commitment to our Christian faith and heritage.

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The Day of Common Learning

The 13th annual Day of Common Learning is an all-day event on October 22 in which the University suspends classes and gathers the community together to explore a significant idea or interest. The theme for this year is “The Promise and Perils of Power: Fostering Human Flourishing in a Broken World.” Key Note Address The […]

September Professional Development Opportunities

It’s not too late to sign up for professional development courses offered through the Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development and its Educational Technology and Media Services.  You can find course descriptions and links to registration on the Events and Training button on the top right of this page.  

If you want to improve student learning…

Test them on the material. Yes, seriously. While we tend to think of testing only in term of assessing student learning, students also learn material better when they are tested on it. Jeffrey Karpike at St. Louis University, has engaged in a program of research over the past decade demonstrating that “tests enhance later retention […]

Student Engagement and Learning

One of the benefits of the assessment movement is that rigorous analysis of data about student engagement and learning is showing precisely what works and what doesn’t. For example, data from the National Survey of Student Engagement have led to the identification of 10 “high-impact practices” that demonstrably increase student engagement, retention, and graduation rates. […]

Improving Students’ Performance Mid-Quarter

Improving Students’ Performance Mid-Quarter How do we help students who up to this point are not performing well? One common thought is to boost students’ self-esteem with the idea that students who feel better about themselves will be willing to apply themselves more. Social Psychologist Donelson Forsyth and his colleagues wanted to investigate the effect […]