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The Ultimate Orienteering Course (2 Corinthians 13:4-5)

Just as we can’t find our way with a disoriented map, so we can’t make right decisions when we are out of alignment with God’s will.

Working Faith (James 2:18)

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping Essay Faith is alive. It’s active and busy; it moves and works in the world. This is why James exhorts, “Show me your faith!”

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Life in the Intersection: Reflections on Business in the Way of Jesus

Biblical Texts:  Genesis 28:10-22 and John 1:43-51 [Presented by Uli Chi at Seattle Pacific University’s chapel service, April 13, 2010] I was always a bit of geek growing up.  I was the kid who read advanced math and physics books in junior high when others were doing more age-appropriate things.  If you had met me […]

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