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Community, Sharing, and “Returning on Time” for the Love of a Stranger

May 11th, 2011 Happiness Essay There’s something special about small-town communities. Everybody knows your name; everybody knows your business. Although such an intrusion of “personal space” carries negative influences such as gossip, it also is profoundly supportive as the community surrounds those in trouble, shares items as needs arise, and works together for the common good. Interestingly, residing near a […]

Snack Chips and Lessons in Environmental Consciousness

February 25th, 2011

Sometimes noise can be a serious distraction. Frito-Lay found this out the hard way when customers began complaining about the firm’s biodegradable SunChips bag. Although they liked the concept of a 100 percent compostable package, the 80-85 decibel level was higher than most customers could bear. How can anyone hear the television over all that […]

Pogo Possum Answers Questions about the Crash

September 4th, 2010

Do Need Put Address Email Cover Letter After the dust begins to settle following some economic calamity we all look for reasons. Many of us look to the abstruse and technical aspects only to discover that people forgot (or ignored) the basics. This time many of us are censuring derivatives when we should be examining the human dilemma. Derivatives are insurance contracts. […]

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