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Snack Chips and Lessons in Environmental Consciousness

Sometimes noise can be a serious distraction.

Frito-Lay found this out the hard way when customers began complaining about the firm’s biodegradable SunChips bag. Although they liked the concept of a 100 percent compostable package, the 80-85 decibel level was higher than most customers could bear. How can anyone hear the television over all that bag noise!?

Just a few days ago, Frito-Lay announced it has found a solution in a new adhesive that will attach the inner and outer layers of the packaging.

The story of the noisy SunChips bag received a lot of attention over recent months. I wrote about the drama in a recent article for Comment Magazine, Snack Chips and Lessons in Environmental Consciousness, which you might enjoy.


John Terrill is the director for the Center for Integrity in Business at Seattle Pacific University.

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