November 29, 2012

A Cross In The Water-An Artistic Reflection On Isaiah 49:1-52:12

by Ryan Owens, Class of 2013 

Being a designer I tend to think in a more abstract way than most people. But for me that is more satisfying. So when I was asked to do this reflection I instantly turned to the blogs that I follow to try and find an image that can express what I feel in regards to the reading. Many of the photographers that I follow are surrealist photographers which means their work centers more around the hyper natural state of things, the images have an other-worldly quality to them. I connect with that type of imagery more so than some paintings and abstract artwork.


What stood out to me in the reading this week was the question posed of "what does it mean to be the servant of the LORD?" That question became very personal when I applied that question to how I try to be a servant to God and others. For others it is easy because of their presence in my life physically, but for God it is a little bit different. After reflecting on that and looking through some photography I found an image that communicated what I thought about being a servant (See the image here). The image is of a man and woman carrying a cross through the water. The symbolism within the image is very powerful, the cross representing the life of Christ, his death and resurrection, and the water representing the baptismal qualities of Christ's life. Relating to me personally it communicates the need to be as "Christ-like" as possible to be his servant. Trying with his help to be the best representation possible, and by representing Christ we are sharing his story with others that we encounter and empower those around us.


I hope the image had a meaning for you and is a fun different perspective to see from!


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