Brainstorming the Future: Dr. Medina Moves On

From 2006 to 2013, Seattle Pacific University partnered with developmental molecular biologist John J. Medina, Ph.D., the New York Times best-selling author of Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby, at The Brain Center for Applied Learning Research. The Brain Center represented collaboration between education, psychology, business, and science faculty to study how America's educational system might be radically improved through the application of proven principles about how the brain learns.


As SPU now concludes its work at Brain Center — the Center closed on August 31, 2013 — Dr. Medina looks forward to continuing his work as a private research consultant and affiliate professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington. SPU is grateful for the many ways in which Medina's work contributed to fulfilling the University's signature commitments, and we look forward to what his research and writings will reveal in the future. If you would like to join the SPU community in following Dr. Medina's ongoing work, visit these sites:


While Medina's departure means that there will be no more of his eye-opening posts at Brainstorm, the Brain Center's blog, the existing posts will soon be archived on the SPU Library website.