Active Learning Classrooms

Seattle Pacific University currently has a handful of Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs): Cremona 101, Cremona 102, Otto Miller Hall 119, and Peterson 302.  However, more spaces are in the process of being transformed into ALCs.

ALCs are typically characterized by the following:

  • Flexible furniture, particularly tables that can be joined together to enable groups of students to easily collaborate
  • Writable surfaces, such as whiteboard painted walls, multiple whiteboards, and/or writable table surfaces
  • Technology that enables an instructor’s or a student’s device to be shared via a classroom projector and/or displays mounted on classroom walls

SPU Response: Smart Tables: Active Learning Classrooms Put Collaboration at the Center

If you are interested in teaching in an ALC, please contact The Center for Scholarship & Faculty Development.

Already teaching in an ALC? Need assistance with the technology? Contact Computer & Information Systems.

Interested in converting a traditional classroom into an active learning classroom?  Concerned about cost?  Here is our list of priorities:

  • Because the inherent value of active learning lies in the interactions between students and between students and the professor, invest in furniture that provides flexibility in the arrangement of the room and promotes student collaboration.
  • Add writable surfaces.  Whiteboards are simple to install and maintain.  Although whiteboard paint is popular, the walls tend to become dingy.
  • A mounted projector for use by the professor is recommended.  However, additional displays mounted on the walls of a classroom is a low priority as other low-tech or cloud-based solutions could be used.  For example, documents could be shared via Blackboard or Google Drive and pulled up on each student’s personal device.

Active Learning, however, is more than just a physical space.  It is also a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning. [Learn more.]

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